Wednesday, 1 September 2010

kotak ide

oke sekarang sudah pagi, saya harus melakukan something useful this day, and now what should i do? i am stil confuse :

1. i have to had idea, now what my idea to make this world one step better. i will make the indonesian farmer life better. how? fist are distribute their product, i should make sure that their product are needed by the market, we should assured people in indonesia that consuming our own vegetables are good for health.

what about fertilizer? recently we use anorganic fertilizer to grow up our plants, thats not good to our health, now we should move to organic fertilizar to make our plants more better to be consumed.

my lecturer says to make indonesian people better, fisrt thing we should do is to grow up the farmer welfare. good economic of farmer could generate the economic activity in indonesia.

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